Q32021 Irish Venture Investment Data

The Irish Venture Capital Association released their most recent quarterly overview of venture investments made in Irish companies. This quarter there is publicly available data on some 51 investments compared with the 38 for which there was published further information last quarter.

Number of investment rounds by sector in Q3 2021

Again this his quarter, it’s Software and Lifescience plays by number in the lead. A total of €291M was invested in Q3 – down from €392M in Q2 albeit up from Q3 2020 amounts of €193M.

However, what’s important I think is the make up and number of investments made in Q3 this year. There were 75 investments made in total in Q3 – up from Q2’s 58 and Q3 2020’s 61. That’s 20% more investments made in each comparable case.

Furthermore, there is a marked and noteworthy change in the value of the rounds. Last quarter just two deals (Let’s Get Checked with €123M and Wayflyer with €62M) accounted for almost half of all the investment made. This quarter, there are no deals over €30M and a recovery in the seed and early stage (less than €5M) venture investments made. IVCA tentatively suggest that this is a sign of the investment community moving from supporting and scaling existing investments during the pandemic to supporting more entirely new activity in the form of emerging early stage companies. Hopefully this continues! More on the IVCA website.

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