Not Another Bloody Podcast! Or Why I’m Profiling DCU’s Research Centres

I know the last thing the world is in desperate need of right now is yet another podcast series. That said and after a fair bit of thought, I felt I’d compromise with a very limited set of them. This was born of a need to let people know the great things happening in DCU whilst largely being prevented from easily meeting anyone over the last 18 months.

A chat with John Gleeson from FPC@DCU

The goal in this (very!) limited podcast series is to tell the stories of some of the research centres within Dublin City University, to hear how they make a difference to the lives of people everywhere and how they are managing to keep doing this during the pandemic. I hope to talk to some of our emerging spinout companies to hear about their new products and services and what they are hearing as they engage with customers and investors.

In the coming episodes you will hear from the DCU Water Institute and their work to ensure we have clean water and improve sustainability of supply and from the CEO of the INSIGHT SFI Centre where researchers are using data analytics and internet of things technologies to solve all manner of real world problems.

In each case, the research centres have platform technologies and capabilities and are keen to collaborate with companies with complementary needs and challenges. Contact details for companies interested in learning more will be included for each episode. And a huge thank you to the DCU Invent team and to Mark and Henry in the Green Room, Bea Orpen Building (DCU’s recording facilities) for all their help and support.

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