HealthBox 2013

I was at the HealthBox Open Day in London last Thursday where 7 mHealth companies pitched for investment to an invited audience. The companies had participated in the HealthBox 3 month accelerator programme developing aspects of their business as diverse as building financial projections and designing user interfaces. Many had managed to close a first deal, like Health Clinic Plus, or engage in a first pilot, like Mira Rehab. The point of engagement with the audience of prospective partners and funders was through a ten minute pitch that had been honed over the previous months. Two contrasting things struck me. One was the uniformly high standard of clarity and succinctness of the communication. The second thing was the uniformity, itself. The pitches tended to be two handers with a use case involving a “meet Joe Bloggs and see his day with/without our technology/service”. It left me a little conflicted. On the one hand, speaking from personal experience, I’d give my eye teeth to hone a pitch to the quality level I saw in London. On the other, it’s hard to raise money at the best of times and standing out from the competition for scarce cash is vital.

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